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Being informed, well-prepared, and comfortable with the process is key to successful, efficient potty training that is anxiety-free for you and your child. With extensive training and 10+ years experience potty training children at various stages of development, we are well-prepared to help!

NYC Potty Training gift certificates are also available- a fabulous gift for busy parents in NYC and beyond! 

NYC Potty Training

We train. You relax.

We individualize research-based methods to customize a potty training plan for each child.


Based in NYC but we help potty train kids all over the world!

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We will potty train your child in the comfort and privacy of your home, and you can sit and watch, be totally involved in the process, or just come home to your toilet-trained tot! Typically takes 1-2 days! Includes a consultation prior to beginning. Utmost confidentiality guaranteed.
​We develop a customized 2-3 day potty training plan for each child. The
family has our support via text, phone, skype during the potty training.

*This option is ideal for families located outside the U.S.

During a 45-minute phone consult we
advise on potty training readiness,
methods, and techniques that may work best for your toddler. Any behavior challenges and potty training problems are also addressed.

Consultation plus phone/text support through potty training is also available.

Potty Training


New York's first professional 
potty training service!
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