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"Samantha is our hero!! Everyone, including doctors and therapists, told us our 3 year old son with Down Syndrome "wasn't ready" or "it will take a year" but she had him independently stopping playing and walking to the toilet when he had to go potty on morning of DAY 2!" -Mom, St Louis

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Have NYC Potty Training founder, Samantha Allen, speak to families at your school about methods and strategies for potty training seamlessly in 1-2 days.

Samantha is also available to speak at private events.

"She was able to fully train him in under two days. He has not had an accident since she left...she really personalizes this process to each child and their needs...She looked for and found cues that I would've never known to look for. I highly recommend Samantha. She is so patient, so kind and awesome at what she does." -Marisa Regal, NY
"After 2 years of trying, my son was fully potty trained after 90 minutes with Samantha! My son is asking to go potty independently and waking up bone dry & happy as a clam!"  -Abigail Brown, Queens, NY

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Watch, be involved, be coached, or just come home from work to your toilet-trained tot in 1-2 days!

Whether your child has no prior potty training experience or has been struggling with it, we can help! 

​​​​​Get a customized 1-2 day potty training plan, strategies to facilitate the training, product recommendations, and phone & text support through the process.

We specialize in helping overcome resistance to eliminating on the toilet and in working with children with special needs.



We travel or will potty train at your NYC hotel!

​1st Potty Training service in NY &
1st 1-2 day service anywhere!  
"He would not ever stand near the potty, he would not go near the bathroom. Thank you so much NYC Potty Training! My son was potty trained in one day and have had continued success!" -Molly Goldberg, New York, NY