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1-16-18  "I felt that my son would never be potty trained since I had been trying for a long time with on and off success. Samantha simplified the whole process and the potty training was successful. I learned a lot from her not only about potty training but also on how to make my son more independent and how to deal with some of his resistant behaviors. Although the process was a little stressful at times because my son started to not want to poop in the potty, Samantha made sure that we got the job done. My son has an ASD diagnosis and I never thought that he would be potty trained, put his own underwear and pants on as well as completely feed himself. It was well worth the money and I highly recommend it. Thank you Samantha!"- Lisa Grollino-Catanzaro, Brooklyn, NY

​12-23-17  "I can't even put into words how to describe Samantha and how amazing she is!!!!  Besides potty training my son 10 months ago in 2 days and never having to look back.  Since then she has helped me with so many behavioral issues.  Her suggestions have worked better then any doctor or therapist we have gone too.  She really has a magic touch when it comes to children.  Her ideas and patience go above and beyond.  She should have her own show or write a book!!!!!  I feel so lucky to have found out about Samantha and all her services." - Wendy G, Plainview, NY


12-17-17  "Samantha was so helpful to us when struggling with potty training.  When my son was suffering from constipation and encopresis she knew exactly what to tell me to do to get over the hurdle.  She was around at all hours of the day and night to give advice and suggestions, and everything she said was right on the money.  She's always been patient and kind and  to this day answers my questions whenever I need her!  She even recommended a great gastroenterologist who helped us with some serious GI issues.  I can't thank her enough, because of her my son was able to go to camp  (which required all kids to be potty trained) and have the best summer ever.  I highly recommend NYC Potty Training!" -Lindsey B, Manhattan, NY

​12-10-17  "Six out of five stars.  I took a full week off of work to potty train on my own. I failed miserably. Samantha help my boys in one weekend.  Worth every penny.  Turns out I didn't realize that there are reasons some children are hard to potty train that I never would have thought of.  Samantha helped make this fun.​" - Alex T, Plainview, NY

12-10-17  "After months of trying to potty train our 3 year old, she was still not pooping in the toilet and would only go in her underwear. We had known about Samantha for a few months but kept waiting to see if our daughter would start to use the toilet on her own. After months without success we hired Samantha for a phone consultation and we got a detailed plan which we would implement over a 3 day weekend. We implemented the plan and in one weekend our daughter went from refusing to use the toilet to using it. Samantha provided support via text messages throughout the weekend and showed she really cared about us being successful! We're thrilled we hired Samantha and our only regret is not hiring her sooner! Highly recommend hiring Samantha if you want to quickly and easily potty train your child!" -Judith J, Rego Park, NY​​

12-4-17  "We did the phone consultation to get started training our 2-year-old and then Samantha provided continued support by text. She went out of her way to go above and beyond what was promised and has been a huge resource. We encountered some trouble with our daughter's withholding and Samantha was amazing at pointing out what we could change and where we could get help. We could not have got through potty training without her!!!" - Shruti C, New York, NY

11-28-17  "Samantha, in person, helped train our 2.5 year old whom we had previously tried to train with no progress. We have another baby due soon and were anxious about potty training our son before the baby comes. We were able to get him trained quickly and with minimal tears with her firm guidance. She gave us the confidence to get over the difficult first two days without caving in and giving him a diaper. I don't think we could have gotten through those first two toughest days of potty training (and possibly the toughest days of toddlerhood ever!) without her observations, support and expertise. If you want to work with her you have to really follow her advice. She also as a bonus really helped push me to get my son to eat by himself and transition out of a high chair. I didn't think he would accept me not feeding him but he did it and now eats most foods on his own." -A G, Manhattan, NY

11-20-17  "Our son was about to turn five and still refused to poop on the potty.  He was just about to enter kindergarten and we knew this would be an issue.  Needless to say, we had to act fast.  I had a phone consultation with NYC Potty Training and, well, it was just one of those miracle phone calls.  A) It was great to have someone outside the situation take an objective look at the situation and B) have that person be an incredibly experienced, insightful guide.  Honestly, it was one of the greatest, most helpful, optimistic phone calls I've ever had.  NYC Potty Training asked all the right questions, LISTENED and took-in our answers, and gave us invaluable advice.  That advice wasn't just an abrupt "change his diet" or "give him laxatives."  The advice was thoughtful and compassionate, sensitive to the fact that it wasn't US having the problem-- it was our child.  My wife and I immediately implemented the suggestions and, two days later, our son pooped on the potty.  It was his own decision.  Of course we were incredibly proud of him, but the more important thing was that he was proud of HIMSELF.  He's been a "professional pooper-on-the-potty" ever since.  This all happened through a single phone consultation-- a single phone call that obviously helped solve a major problem, but also helped alleviate our worries and boosted our child's confidence tremendously.  Forever grateful." -Jeff Y, Los Angeles, CA

10-11-17  "Samantha is incredibly helpful when you are potty training your child. No matter what the issue - whether day, or night, or even something unique to your child, she can absolutely help. She was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very attentive to our needs. You can't go wrong with her! Give it a try!"- Alana B., Southampton, NY

9-26-17  "Samantha is absolutely wonderful. She helped train our son in just two days and gave us a lot of information not only about potty training but behaviors for our children, as well. She's kind, has a deep understanding of children and the stress of potty training for all involved. I highly recommend her and will definitely be having her back for our younger son. Additionally, she has been staying in touch and checking in even though it's already been a few weeks. I never expected it but I'm so glad that she does. She's worth every penny!" - Debbie J., Needham Heights, MA

9-22-17  "Samantha came in and got our daughter trained. She even alerted us to problems we were not aware of, and with ideas that wound up being beneficial. Our daughter is now perfectly trained. Our only regret is that we did not do this much sooner, but any future children, we already know who we are calling first." -Sonny M., Brooklyn, NY

9-16-17 "​Samantha trained my almost 3yo in 2 days! She is an expert in this field and goes above and beyond her duties. She truly cares and strives for success. I'm so happy we used her." - Hilary M., San Francisco, CA

9-15-17  "Samantha and NYC Potty Training was a lifesaver!  In just 2 days, my strong-willed daughter was completely potty-trained for both day and overnight.  She knew exactly how to engage my child, answered all of my questions and simplified the process.  Samantha made potty training fun for my daughter and stress-free for me.  She is worth every penny!" - Jocelyn G., Manhattan, NY

8-5-17  "​I am a licensed child psychologist and have worked with everyone from children on the spectrum to bipolar kids and children with severe behavior problems and I still relied on Sam for help training two of my own girls. She is patient, knowledgeable, calm and fun! She relies on her extensive experience but tailors her approach to the individual child. She consider each child's health, diet, routines, and their unique personality when creating a plan and I have to say it worked! TWICE! My first was trained in a day and we are on day 2 with my younger daughter and she was dry over night last night and naps today. I could not be happier with Sam's support. She listened to my crazy rants and gave me the confidence to carry on. I recommend her to my own patients and I am so very grateful for her expertise! THANK YOU!" - Megan D, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

7-19-17  "We felt our almost be 4 year old child will never be potty trained, we kept asking our pediatrician of what to do his answer was "it has to click in his brain". Prior to Samantha we had been struggling from the age of 2, and it was one of the battles we thought we will never win. In his daycare he was the only one not potty trained, and we literally tried everything, then what he would do is hold his urine for hours until we would wear his diapers, and if we didn't, he could hold for a day. Our pediatrician discouraged, stated can cause permanent damage in urine tract, so then we gave up and were waiting for that "click". That click never came, we finally heard of Samantha, and yes its very expensive, but she literally potty trained him in 2 hours. I could not believe, I thought once she leaves it will go back to square one, but now he is about a month into it, and fully potty trained, he even enjoys peeing, its worth every penny of it. We wish we knew about her before. Thank YOU!!" - Anonymous, Rego Park, NY

6-24-17  "Samantha trained our 3 year old son who has Down Syndrome!!  All of his specialists and therapists were floored that he was trained in a weekend!! Now a few years later, my husband and I are training our 2.5 year old daughter using Samantha's method and it is so quick & easy!!!!!! Samantha breaks down every step into easy, achievable goals so the child independently indicates she needs to go on morning of day 1!!! I can't say enough good things! If you are pulling your hair out, you are doing it wrong! Save your sanity and call Samantha!" - Maura S., St Louis, MO

​​​​​6-10-17  "My son was 3 years and 3 months old and all the other kids in his preschool class were potty trained except for him. We were trying to potty train him but we honestly didn't want to sit home for three days and do it ourselves only to end up at square one. So we called Sam. It sounds like a lot of money but my husband and I feel it was totally worth it. He was potty trained in two days. And she also helped us with sleep training and other behavioral issues. Plus our son really liked her. She used great toys as distraction. She set good boundaries and he listened to her. He even spilled some paint by accident on the back of her phone case and rather then yell at him she made him feel really comfortable and allowed him to design the back of it instead. Our son also has a chronic illness and she has been in contact with us for weeks following up on how he is doing medically and making sure she can help us in anyway she can. We highly recommend her - MM - Brooklyn, NY

​​​5-28-17  "I can't say enough wonderful things about [who I referred to as] "Dr. Sam" who I explained to my 3.5 year old was a poo-poo and pee-pee doctor. Dr. Sam was amazing. My son would not go on the potty. I tried everything as did his pre-school (day care) with no success. Everyone in his pre-school class was potty trained and the teachers were clearly annoyed with me that I had not accomplished this. I was feeling like a failure and overwhelmed as a single full-time working mom. It was a lot of money but worth every penny. Dr. Sam got him peeing and pooping on the potty in no time. I don't know how she did it. She also got him sleeping in his own bed - no more co-sleeping! We also got great tips for self dressing and he is requiring little to no help at this point. Dr. Sam is responsive, committed and follows up to make sure everything is okay. She truly cares about you and your child. My son loves her and asked for Dr. Sam after she left. I am one happy mom! Thank you Dr. Sam!!!!" - Mom, UWS, Manhattan

5-1-17  "I was feeling super desperate. My third son was weeks away from his 4th birthday and he still was not potty trained. All the methods that were successful on my first two sons were not translating and I was getting super anxious. I jokingly (sorta) told people I would pay anything for a potty trainer. My mom took me seriously and found Samantha. She was very organized and professional. I hired her for one day of training. It was very intense and specific and I would never have known how to help Sammy without her. Day 1 and 2 were at home and by day 3 he was in school and dry through the night on day 1. Worth every penny, I am so grateful."- Chava P, Woodmere, NY

4-21-17  "We hired Sam for our 3.4 year old son who was trained to pee on the potty but would not poop there. At first he would poop his pants and/or pull up and then it turned into a full on stool withholding issue that was our worst nightmare. Once we got him "cleaned out" in came Sam the next 3 days and the rest, they say, is history. My son is now pooping on the potty multiple times a day both at home and at school. Oh AND IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS (this had been a challenge for us as well)! We will be forever grateful and highly recommend Sam's services. Don't stress another minute....just hire her!"- Dawn, Wake Forest, NC

4-19-17  "We had Samantha train our 3.5 year old.  My older son was super easy, but this one seemed not too interested.  It was a success and I really have no clue how she did it!  People ask me what her secret is, but I honestly can't even put my finger on it.  She is the real deal.  This was a total splurge for my family, we are not super wealthy...but in my opinion it ends up similar amount to the amount of a private room in the hospital when giving birth which I chose not to spend on at the time.  Both my kids liked playing with her and she is really knowledgeable on the subject.  She is friendly and personable and I'd recommend her to others.  Great following up with texts too." - Jodi F, Manhattan, New York

3-20-17  "Samantha completely changed our lives! My 4 1/2 year old was a highly stubborn withholder. We seriously thought he'd be pooping in a pull-up forever! After 3 days together both of my boys are completely pull-up free (night too)! We also walked away with great behavior management tips which was unexpected and amazing. We never would have gotten to this point without Sam and for that we are forever grateful."- K C, Rumson, NJ

3-16-17 "Samantha came to the rescue. I had a very stubborn 3 1/2 year old boy that wouldn't even go near the potty without screaming and kicking. It was impossible for me and I was desperate. In a matter of 2 hrs he was peeing on his own in the potty. She also helped my son with some other life skills we had a hard time with on a daily basis. She helped him master drinking from a cup and even his speech a little as well. She also gave me useful tips on behavior and stool withholding. Samantha was patient and caring and stayed later than her usual hours to get the job done. She also continued to follow up and check in regularly with me. I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone that is thinking about it. Help is on the way!!!" -Wendy G, Plainview, NY 

2-26-17  "I was desperate...I'm a busy working mom and my nanny and I were experiencing zero success with potty training. And then I found Samantha and NYC Potty Training. It was life changing. In 2 days, my son was potty trained. She gave us all the knowledge, tools, tips and tricks to make it happen. She is kind and has consistently followed up to see how we are doing. It was worth it! Thank you Samantha!"- Doreen H, Dallas, TX

7-21-16 "With the help of Samantha Allen, the potty whisperer, [my daughter] Rio was potty trained in two days flat, never another diaper, pull-up or accident during the day or night! I mean, say what you will about hiring a professional potty trainer but that is impressive! We all had fun with the process and definitely some laughs along the way." -Jules Wainstein, Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY)

2-7-17  "My three year old daughter with celiac disease & severe allergies was impossible to train (been trying since she was 18 months old) her therapist & doctor said maybe by the time she's 6. I was at my wits end, so I decided to call in a pro. Samantha was a Godsend! Just what my daughter needed to go on the potty. It took 3 days for my daughter to stop withholding & independently go on the potty for good. My daughter is so much happier going on the toilet instead of in diapers. Samantha is worth every cent & she exceeded all expectations. This was our 13th attempt to potty train & Sam did it!! Samantha helped us with behavior issues related to mealtime. I haven't had to chase my daughter around at every meal time to feed her since Samantha has left & she is independently going to the table for every meal, and sitting." -Mom, Fayetteville, NY​

​2-6-17  "After trying everything under the sun to stop our 3 year old daughter from withholding her poop I was at my wits end and needed to seek the help of a pro. And boy am I glad I found Samantha Allen! She is a miracle worker! We were willing to try anything and within 3 days of following her advice to a T our daughter was not withholding and now 2 weeks later diapers are a thing of the past! I can not recommend her services enough, it was the best money we have ever spent! Our daughter is so much happier and we are much less stressed, not having to deal with the withholding drama any more!!!" -Mom, San Luis Obispo, California

2-3-17  "I contacted Samantha just prior to the start of potty training. She offered a number of suggestions and helpful tips. She is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help see us through the process. She has a solution for everything. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on my daughter's face as she proudly uses the potty and Samantha helped us get there." -Mom, New Jersey

1-06-17  "My wife and I are first time parents and have tried 6 months to potty train our 3 and a half year old daughter with no success and stress. We tried everything. Then I finally made a phone call to Samantha Allen after my wife and I were at our wits end. We set up an in house two day session with our daughter and completely changed our life for the better. She was able to use her methods and completely potty train our daughter in two days without any accidents. She also did so much more to get her on a schedule and correct discipline. Now I am not saying it was an easy two days but when you're done your life completely changes. I give Samantha 6 stars out of 5 if I could. For those hesitating and those who have tried everything else, this is the best money you can spend to ease your life. Thank you Samantha and NYC potty training you made us better parents and our daughter is another successful story to add to your portfolio." - Evan J, NJ

12-29-16 "Samantha is Amazing! I was incredibly skeptical to spending this much money to pay someone to help me potty train my child. My daughter was completely pipi trained but would withhold stools for days! She was petrified of the toilet when it came to pooping! We spoke on the phone and after three days my daughter was doing it all alone and so proud of herself to the point that she wanted to go to the potty more times than needed! I was in awe! In the middle of the process I sometimes felt like her suggestions wouldn't work and that I would be the exception to the rule but I stuck to her plan and she proved me wrong! She was very responsive with text messaging and I highly recommend her! I am so happy I consulted her... she fixed what 10000 potty books couldn't! Thank you!!!!" - Mom, UES, New York

11-25-16   "Fantastic service. She was so helpful. I wouldn't have known what to do without her." -Andrea L, Palmyra, PA

11-01-16  "Samantha Allen is excellent in every manner.  As a dad of two girls now both trained by Samantha, I can truly say this, it is wonderful to come home and have my children trained that day!!  She also gave us some helpful hints with behavioral issues we brought up to her.  Lastly, she was a pleasure to be around!!"

- Jon S, Manhattan, New York

10-19-16  "Samantha was absolutely wonderful! We were having a big struggle potty training our very stubborn almost three year old. After just one day with Samantha, our son remained dry throughout the night, and going to the toilet of his own volition to both pee and make stools. We could not believe it! In addition, Samantha gave very balanced, sensible behavioral advice that already is working wonders. We highly recommend this service!"-Sarah D., Manhattan, NY

10-8-16  "I would give her 100 stars if possible. I was very skeptical and hesitant to spend that kind of money on potty training help. I will say her help and expertise is worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. She is kind, considerate and really works magic with your child. Samantha was able to get my son to pee on the potty in a matter of an hour... standing up and putting the seat and lid down! Every mothers dream."  -Tiffani Davis, NY

10-6-16  "Samantha is incredible! Our son was actively resisting moving his bowels and having daily bowel accidents, and with her help, he is now going 2-3x a day and hasn't had an accident since she was here 2 weeks ago. He's even going every day in school--voluntarily! Most of all, he truly enjoyed working with her, and we learned techniques that we can use beyond potty training. I highly recommend working with her!" -Mom, Manhattan, NY

10-4-16  "Samantha was a pleasure to work with and I learned SO much from her.  She trained my second child and I wish I had known about her when we trained our older daughter.  My son was trained in less than two days and she also worked with him on getting his clothing on and off - which I hadn't done before.  His preschool teacher commented today on how good at going on the potty he is.  She said in comparison to the others in his class, he's doing so well.  It has been over a month since we had Samantha in our home and we haven't had any mistakes [accidents]." -Elizabeth M., Stamford, CT

9-19-16  "Samantha is amazing. I was skeptical, but she trained my son in a day. She knows what she is doing, is patient and consistent. So worth it."  ​-Lauren Druyan, NY

9-12-16  "Samantha Allen is a miracle worker! We were very reluctant to hire a consultant both financially and out of pride but we were so frustrated with potty training our 3.5 year old son that we decided we had to try. She got it done in less than a the week since Samantha worked with us, our son hasn't had a single accident. He is so happy and proud of himself and we couldn't be more thrilled.  We live in a small apartment but it was still really easy to have her around. My son and I both enjoyed hanging out with her for a couple of days and she even got him to eat some sweet potato when we sat down for lunch which he has been refusing for months. She was also super supportive and responsive to the questions I had after she left. I cannot say enough good things about her. We are so grateful!" - Natalia R, Manhattan, NY

9-07-16  "Samantha worked her potty training magic in just 2 days!! She was able have my child urinating independently.  Samantha was also able to professionally address our parental concerns regarding withholding stool.  Samantha was extremely caring and empathetic to our family's needs during this important milestone for our child.  I highly recommend Samantha to any parent in need of a true potty training professional." - Kevin C., Staten Island, NY 

6-23-16  "WORTH EVERY PENNY! Never in a MILLION years did I think I'd use a "potty training service". I classified this type of service under "things that only ridiculous/spoiled NY'ers do". 
Parenting has been (by no means easy), but natural for me and I defaulted to the fact that millions of people for 100's of years have potty trained their children without this service and so can I.  I do not like giving up, I'm disciplined when it comes to staying consistent with my daughters discipline and generally speaking I'm sort of a DIY type personality.  I like to think I can do anything and I was unwilling to even entertain the idea of this service.  Well...potty training became the biggest parenting challenge I'd ever faced.  Breast feeding (which was brutal!), sleep training, weaning from the bottle etc etc.  NOTHING compared to how difficult I found potty training. It had been a year and I'd tried everything, from rewards, to ignoring the issue, the 3 day training plan, nothing was working and at this point my 3.5 yo daughter was even changing her own diapers!!  Her issue was fear, constipation and withholding. And...we aren't talking about a temper tantrum, we're talking real fear.  Her reaction to using the potty was as if I was going to cut off her arm.  She was beyond scared of using the potty.  
Her pre school suggested we try NYC potty training and I was very hesitant for the reasons I stated above, but in the end, it was absolutely the best decision.  I only regret not calling NYC potty trainers sooner.  
I can not say enough positive things about my experience.  Samantha Allen knows what she's doing. She's professional, compassionate and my daughter (even months later) asks about her fondly.   When I agreed to going down this route I gulped at spending this amount of money...but it truly is worth every penny and I know that had we not done it, we'd still be dealing with potty issues.  I will not hesitate to spend the money on child #2.  
Also, I think legally the NYCPotty trainers can't say "Guaranteed Success Rate", but during our journey, I could feel that Samantha was committed to leaving me with an accident free child and she did exactly that! My daughter never has accidents and is completely independent in the bathroom.  I sort of can't believe it!!
Thanks NYC Potty changed our life!!"
-Nicole S, Manhattan, NY

6-14-16  "Samantha potty trained our two-and-a-half year old in two days! Our baby, who was previously wearing two diapers to sleep at night, was suddenly waking up dry without any diapers. Samantha was patient, warm and encouraging through what could've been a trying ordeal. Our daughter is still asking for her to come over and play. Her follow up has also been incredible!" - John Donnellan, Staten Island, NY

​​1-24-16  "I don't write reviews often but Sam definitely earned this one. She's amazing and so patient.
I have a stubborn 2.5 year old and she knew exactly what would work. I thought I could do it on my own since I had trained his big brother but this guy didn't want to listen to me. I can't recommend Sam enough. Love her!" 
 ​- Lindsay C, Southampton, NY

12-19-15  "​I found Samantha through the group Upper East Side Mommas when my 3-year-old son refused to potty train and I was at an impasse. She worked with me for days over the phone and in-person [3 hours] going above and beyond to get my son off diapers cold turkey. It was bold, I admit, but after he woke up dry from his first nap and then from his first night without diapers I was convinced of his abilities and of hers. Samantha is patient and knowledgeable and her no-nonsense method cut through his tricks. I cannot say enough about her." - Alexandra H., Manhattan, NY

6-18-16  "Samantha is amazing! She identified issues with my 2.5 year old that I didn't remotely think existed. Her attentiveness was impressive!  Her thorough communication and attention to the tiniest of details is what will continue her success." - Nicole F., Chappaqua, NY

4-18-16  "Our son was almost 4 and because of his strong willed personality, he refused to potty train. We tried every incentive with him and waited for him to be ready but it never happened. We needed help with his behavioral issues that were causing a halt to potty training. 
In came Samantha. She had an instantly amazing rapport with our son which helped the process go so smoothly. Her techniques and approaches are magical. Her background as a special ed teacher and knowledge of children and how they think is one key to her great skill. She also has had so much experience training children that she knows how to react to each situation. Our son was potty trained in 1 hour after we tried for over 1 year. Yay !!!" -
Mom, UES, New York, NY

4-10-16  "Sam and NYC Potty Training helped us potty train in a day. My 2.5 year old daughter had put us through hell trying to potty train. It was exhausting. Then we heard about Sam and even though we had never hired someone to help like this, we decided to go for it. Within 24 hours my daughter was using the toilet by herself. Sam knew how to solve our issues right away. She was an excellent guide and support to us and stayed in regular contact well beyond what she was obligated to. Even if her plan for you sounds crazy, trust her and follow her instructions!" - Kim H, New York, New York

​​4-9-16  "Samantha is a Godsend. We had been desperately trying to get our 5-year-old son to poop on the potty for YEARS but he was absolutely terrified. Contacting Samantha was the best thing we ever did! We had a phone consultation with her and within days he was going all by himself with absolutely no drama, tears, anxiety or accidents. Samantha followed up with us every day to check our son's progress, sometimes more than once a day. She is a delight to work with, professional and her services are priceless. We highly, highly recommend her!" - Mom, Long Island, NY

4-6-16  "Samantha is incredible.  We hired her when my son was nearing three and resisting potty training after the birth of our second child, and I was seeing the looming deadline of the start of preschool that required potty trained kids ahead of us.  She is so knowledgeable about what will motivate young children and made us (she worked directly with me, my husband and our nanny) more confident about the process.  She gave us so many helpful strategies not just about potty training but about healthy discipline, respect and listening skills for kids.  She kept potty training painless and fun, and most importantly, achieved fast results with our son.  I would highly recommend her to any family!" - Paige M, Manhattan, NY

4-6-16 "Sam changed our lives in one day!  I had been trying to train my 4 year old daughter for 2 years but she refused to sit on the potty.  I thought our situation was unique but Sam has seen and heard it all.  She came in with a plan and kept me strong the whole day.  By the end of the day my daughter was going on the potty.  By end of day three she was running to the bathroom by herself, wiping herself without help.  It has changed our family and made what was a looming problem a non-issue.  I will forever be grateful." - Karen B, Brooklyn, NY

3-28-16  "Let me start by saying, I'm probably the last person to spend money on something like this. But my daughter was 3 and would not even SIT on the potty or let you talk about it. But a close friend said her son worked with SAM and it was like magic. So we tried.... Within 24 hours my daughter was consistently peeing on the potty with no accidents. Within 48 hours she was doing everything on the potty and has been dry at night since. No accidents either. I was shocked that she recommended NO DIAPER even at night (every toddler I know still wears one) but it seems to work! Sam was great with also helping us deal with some withholding and constipation issues. I couldn't recco Sam more. Totally trust what she says too. She is amazing about keeping in touch and offering advice after. Just make sure you follow exactly what she says!" -UES Mom, New York, NY

3-3-16  "I am a working mom with limited time and patience! It never seemed like the "right time" to potty train. I actually preferred keeping my son in seemed easier! As his third bday approached and I was one month away from giving birth to my second son, I knew I had to "get it done." I contacted Sam and scheduled her services. We started emailing back and forth...she gave me tips in preparation for her arrival. Sam is the potty training whisperer! She trained my son in 2 days and he hasn't had an accident since! As an added bonus, she taught my son how to put on his own coat. I actually wish Sam could live with me, as she is knowledgeable about all things related to kids. If you can manage to get an appointment with Sam, book it ASAP!" Alex B, NYC

2-14-16  "Our experience was so amazing! I spoke with Samantha by phone on a Friday afternoon and started our potty training plan on Saturday morning. By 10:30am my 4yr old daughter, who had NEVER used the potty before, was running off to the potty all by herself. I couldn't believe it! Even though I thought I had TRIED everything in the past, my execution was a little off. Samantha's direction was easy, fun, and low stress. One week in and she hasn't had an accident and I haven't had to ask her once if she has to go.....she just does it. She's so proud of herself and her dad and I couldn't be happier. Only wish we had done this a year ago." Amy Scanlon, Rapid City, South Dakota

12-22-15 "Samantha is a miracle worker! My daughter had never ever sat on the potty as she was petrified and after a consultation call we followed her advice and she made progress same day!! The whole process took under a week as my daughter is extremely stubborn but Samantha was extremely attentive and patient with us and wouldn't let us give up! We truly thought it would never happen. A true professional and any parent who is having difficulty potty training their child must contact her ASAP!" - Cara Walker Malter, New York, NY​​

3-25-15  "Sam was unbelievable. She had my 3 year old son potty trained in 2 days. This is a kid who had never even tried to potty train before. She has a way of being firm but loving and gets a very hard job done. I would have never been able to train my son and would have repeatedly caved in. She was amazing and we are so lucky that we had her come. We all really loved having her in our home and we missed her when she left. We cannot thank her enough and HIGHLY recommend her. It is so worth it!!!" ​-Suzi H., New York, NY

​3-15-15 "We could not recommend Samantha more highly. We still cannot believe the results she achieved in 48 hours with our 3 year old son. We honestly are still pinching ourselves in amazement. He is fully potty trained no diapers at night and no accidents ever. Furthermore he has bloomed with such confidence in himself and his abilities that it's hard to say which is better honestly his new found confidence or his being potty trained. Samantha works non stop for 7 hour days - her job is one of intense focus and follow through. She is worth every penny. She achieved the unbelievable all while keeping play and fun at the heart of her work. Thank you Samantha !!" -Tribeca Parents, NYC​​​​​​​

11-18-15 "We were at our wit's end with our nearly 4 year old son who refused to poop on the potty.  We finally called in reinforcements and hired Samantha to help us.  Within 3 days of my initial phone consultation, he was pooping on the potty independently and reliably.  I was very skeptical about whether or not her methods were going to work for my very stubborn child but she was right about everything!  I would HIGHLY recommend her services with anyone struggling to get the job done on their own." - Meghan B, Abington, PA​

12-23-14  "Samantha is a miracle worker! Our daughter (3 yr old) refused to go in the toilet. Sam was recommended to me by a friend who has used the in-home potty training services. Initially, I was a bit skeptical, because I thought I tried everything and nothing seemed to work, what can she do. In one day, Sam worked her magic and our daughter is now completely diaper-free. Both day and night. I just wish we had done this sooner." -Sima, S., NYC​

​3-12-16  "The best advice I can give to other parents going through potty training challenges is call Samantha Allen (NYC Potty Training). This was my single biggest parenting hurdle and I never would have endorsed "hiring help" because it felt "so NYC to me", but was worth every penny to have her guidance thru what was a traumatic ordeal for my daughter until we called Samantha. Samantha knows what she's doing!!"  -UES Mom, New York, NY

6-9-15  "I highly recommend Samantha. My son wouldn't even sit on the potty and after only being here for two hours she had him peeing on the potty. By day two he was completely trained and hasn't had any accidents since! I definitely couldn't have done this without her!" -Mom, Staten Island, NY

10-6-15 "Samantha Allen, you are a GEM! Patient, smart and focused on getting the potty training done the right way for our kids. Parents, she can help if you're in need!" -Mom, NYC

6-9-15  "Sam potty trained our daughter last week and since she left, our daughter has not had one accident. Prior to meeting Sam, our daughter showed no interest in potty training, even though she has an older sister and sees her go all the time. Sam came for 2 days and now, she is potty trained 100%, including at night. We could NOT BE MORE GRATEFUL to have worked with her! She is professional and incredibly effective." -Mom, NYC

​5-11-15 "We are so grateful for Samantha's help. She gave us discrete, helpful ideas that we could put into practice immediately and was there to guide us throughout. And, it worked incredibly well. I cannot recommend her enough." -Gina V., New York, NY

​​9-9-14 "...well we had received the dreaded reminder letter from Pre-K that our 3 year old triplets had to be potty trained by the first day and now here we were one week before school anxiously hopeful that Samantha could solve the problem that we and our nanny after a Summer of effort had failed at rather miserably.   We were worried that the Potty-whisperer we had heard so much about might be about to meet her match in a force of 3 entrenched 3 year olds...and it looked like that could possibly be the case after day one.   However and fortunately, Samantha successfully through a policy of consistency, reinforcement, rewarding and praising, firmness, dedication, and a professional attitude and persevering nature together with a bubbly demeanor that the kids really appreciated, managed to excite the kids about using the potty and successfully trained them.  Samantha also left us  with written pointers and guidance specific for each kid.  A terribly, messy process at times but a very successful outcome!​" -Vincent C., Manhattan, NY

​​​​4-13-15 "We found Samantha Allen to be extremely thorough and very competent. Samantha was recommended by our pediatric group. We needed someone like Samantha to get us started and she got our daughter toilet trained. Samantha always responded to my questions no matter how many times we spoke or I texted her. She was very professional and thorough. We are still in contact w Samantha many months later! She was the answer to my daughter who is toilet trained now and will be able to start nursery in September!" -​Lawrence, Manhattan, NY

12-9-15  "I cannot express our gratitude for the amazing help and guidance Samantha gave us with our 3 year old. After a year of trying ourselves, we decided to seek professional help. Her methods were very impressive and proved her incredible ability to teach even the most stubborn of children. Samantha delivered above and beyond with an in home 3-day [potty training plus behavioral support] session, and the results have been life changing."  - Mom, Austin, TX

11-22-15  "Samantha has such a natural ability to connect with kids...instantly. Our often challenging and rigid 4 year old son, who also has sensory processing issues and a speech delay, bonded with her immediately. Within a matter of hours she had him pee trained, going on his own without prompting him. Poop was a different challenge for us but by day 3 he was going unsolicited on his own. He has not had an accident since, even at nighttime. Over a span of two years we had tried everything possible with no success. We were at our wits end and feeling helpless. Samantha got the job done in less than 3 days. We are so grateful for her help and have no regrets about spending the money!! She even offered many helpful behavioral tips, not only for our son but also for our 7 year old daughter as well. The kids loved every minute of Samantha being in our home and our son still talks about her often!!"-Susie F., Arlington Heights, IL

12-1-15  "Samantha is wonderful, patient and most of all, kind and caring. She helped our family through a very stressful time and I'm glad to say that today my daughter is more mature and confident going to the potty. She absolutely refused and she was past 3 years old and I had such anxiety. She had to go to school and I didn't know who could help. After Googling professional potty trainers (not even knowing if there was such a thing), I found Samantha. In NYC you can find EVERYTHING! Thank God for this awesome city and most of all to you Samantha for all your hard work and patience!! You really came through for us!!"- Christine, Fort Lee, NJ

10-27-15  "I am exhilarated to report that our family residence is now a diaper/pull-up free zone thanks to Sam Allen at  I highly recommend her!"- Mom, UWS, NYC

9-12-15 "Our son is 2.8 years old and we knew it was time but didn't know where to begin. Hiring Samantha was exactly what we needed and it was a wonderful success. We are so grateful and highly recommend Samantha's services!" - UES Parents, New York, NY

9-10-15 ​"Samantha Allen with NYC Potty Training is our hero!! Everyone, including doctors and therapists, told us our 3 year old son with Down Syndrome "wasn't ready" or "it will take a year to potty train him" but Samantha had him independently stopping playing and walking to the toilet when he had to go potty on morning of DAY 2! Can't express how knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and truly dedicated to our son's success Samantha proved. She also empowered our 3 year old to dress himself completely and many other aspects of his development have taken off in the month since our time in NYC with Samantha!!" -Mom, Missouri

8-23-15  "I cannot say enough about Samantha! I honestly was convinced my 3.4 year old daughter was never going to be potty trained, I had tried it all to no avail. I felt like I had failed. After convincing my husband (which was not an easy task) I hired Sam. She came and I was so nervous.  I thought for sure I was paying all this money and there was no chance my stubborn daughter would "succeed" for lack of a better term. A day later it was done.  I was amazed, but scared for her to leave.... It's been a few months now and we have had nothing but success! We went from soaking I mean soaking wet diapers to zero diapers in a day.  No diapers, no sleep diapers, no pull ups... Just clean underwear ...even through the night! She truly is a miracle worker and I would vouch for Sam in a heartbeat!! She is kind, patient and had a way with the my daughter to make her feel calm and comfortable throughout the process! Sam is the best!"- Allie G., Syosset, NY

8-05-15  "If you need help potty training your child Samantha is the one to work with. She is very thorough and can customize a plan for you and your child. It was nice to have the support and not feel alone or struggle with any concerns that came up during the process. She was always there to help." -Melissa M., Brooklyn, NY

7-23-15  "We had been trying to potty train our 2.5 year old daughter for weeks without success. We had completely lost hope that our daughter would be able to go to summer camp. Then we met Samantha. In less than 24 hours, Samantha identified the key causes of her accidents and had her completely potty trained. Our daughter is now having a great time at camp and we owe it all to Samantha." -Mom & Dad, Long Island

6-26-15  "Samantha saved my life! My son would not potty train- we tried for an entire year. He refused to sit on the potty or even go near it. After 2 days with Samantha he was trained! He now runs to the potty, tells me when he has to go, and we have never looked back. Samantha also helped me with some developmental suggestions regarding my son's behavior. Having her in our home was a wonderful success!" - Mom, Manhattan, NY

6-23-15 "I cannot say enough wonderful things about Samantha who worked miracles with my 4-year-old son. He was completely against potty training. We spent over a year trying different methods and none of them worked - he absolutely refused. In our frustration, we contacted Samantha, who came to our home confident and knowledgeable. By the end of day one, my son was peeing in the potty on his own! We couldn't believe it! My son loved Samantha, as she made him feel very comfortable from the very beginning. Samantha was extremely open to answering all of our questions and provided extensive email follow-up. I would happily recommend her to any parent that is having difficulty potty training their child." -Melissa, Forest Hills, NY

6-23-15  "​I can not say enough about Samantha and NYC Potty Training. My three year old was beginning summer camp in a few weeks and needed to be potty trained quickly. Although he was definitely showing signs of readiness we were a bit hesitant. I was skeptical of the process at first, but we followed Samantha's guidance and advice [Phone Consult] and my son was completely potty trained in three days. She was always available via text and phone call and was so positive and helpful to me as well as my son. Since then we haven't had one accident and he started camp this Monday with a lot of confidence. I highly recommend Samantha and NYC Potty Training. It was such a positive experience." -Leah C, Manhattan, NY

6-10-15 "I tried potty training my 3 year old daughter on my own but I gave up only because I felt like I was torturing her, she hated the toilet and barely went on the potty. Samantha and I spoke and she told me exactly what to do and what not to do. Within 24 hrs my daughter was using the toilet independently and staying dry for her 2 hour naps. We had some issues with night time but once I told Samantha she knew exactly how to fix that. I wish I called Samantha sooner.  The money I spent on potty books, dvds, seats and pull ups is way more than calling Samantha and calling her is so much less stressful. If you're thinking about it don't even hesitate just call her!!" -Mom, Long Island

6-10-15  "We are so grateful for Samantha's help. She evaluated our situation carefully and gave us a detailed plan that we were able to put into practice immediately. She followed up with us on a regular basis and made modifications based on the current situation. We found Samantha to be very knowledgeable and her plan worked incredibly well. My son is now pooping in the toilet like a champ! Don't hesitate in hiring her!" -Karen H., NYC

4-08-15 "Samantha Allen .. Is so dedicated to your child being potty trained it's unbelievable .Samantha came to my home for 2 days and when she left Zachary was fully potty trained . I still can't believe my eyes . She knows all the tricks of the trade . Trust her process cause she knows exactly what she's doing . I thought Zachary's biggest hurdle would be going to a new home or new place and having an accident cause the potty would be unfamiliar to him . Low and behold he's asking me at friends houses to go independently !!! Samantha Allen is 1000 percent worth it !!!! Do it and u will never look back!" - Sari, Brooklyn, NY

​​​​​​​​4-01-15  "Samantha was incredibly helpful. On Thursday I thought she [my daughter] was never going to be potty trained, and after one consultation, several emails, and her specific instructions, by Sunday my 3 1/2 year old daughter is no longer wearing pull ups or diapers day or night. She listened to who I was as a parent and advised accordingly. She is generous with her time and provides you with a confidence that you need in this process. And to all the skeptics - this is not about lazy parenting. This is about providing help to parents who are facing challenges, like me. Thank you!" -Mom, Brooklyn, NY​​​

3-29-15  "This was a wonderful experience for us.  Our son was 4, and very resistant to potty training. He would sit but not go.  We tried several books, including the one day method, but made no progress on and off over a year. Samantha did it in one day, and our son was so proud at the end of it.  There was nothing terribly mysterious about what she does, and we had tried much of it ourselves, but she knows when to push and how to keep things going at all the right times.  Our son liked her a lot, and we went from diapers to not even nighttime in 2 days. We had accidents at night for a few days and since then nothing.  She also emailed to check in a few times which was helpful during the nighttime training. She was a pleasure to have in our house as well.  We debated the expense for some time, but in the end it was honestly the best money we have spent in years." -R.W., New York, NY


3-15-15 "Thank you to Samantha for helping my almost 7 year old overcome bedwetting. We tried everything (so we thought) to no avail. Samantha was attentive, thorough, honest and kind. She eased our nerves and told us we were not alone. Highly recommend Samantha!!!"-Mother, Plainview, NY

12-6-14 "Samantha's potty training method is amazing. Our 3.5 year old son has been peeing on the potty for over 1 year but refused to poop on the potty. After a year of fighting with him we called samantha. Within 1 week, he was pooping on the potty both at school and at home. Her personal touch and support was instrumental in helping us get over a really difficult time with our son. She was positive and knowledgeable in all situations. We can't thank her enough. If that was not enough she also helped with his night time routine. He has been dry and happy now for a month. I can't recommend Samantha and her program any more highly. Potty training is stressful and tough but Samantha gave us the support and knowledge we needed to get through it." -Joey M., Philadelphia 

4-29-15 "If you are struggling to get your daughter or son potty trained and are very frustrated, contact NYC Potty Training. That is what I did and I think it was the best money I've spent. It was really worth it. I was very frustrated with no progress with my daughter for the past 6 months, even after taking a break for a while. My daughter was very stubborn and refused to go potty, even though she knows the whole process. One call with Samantha and then she took time to answer my questions about the progress my daughter made via many emails. My daughter is now potty trained and no accidents. Thank you Samantha...Appreciate your support and advice. -Relieved and Happy Mom, Michigan

​​2-25-15  "Thanks Samantha for  helping us potty train our 2 1/2 year old son. It was amazing how quickly he learned, and how dry he has stayed since the training. It was a miracle! Samantha is a great teacher, who works individually with each child to help them achieve personal success! We are incredibly grateful for all of your time and effort in helping make our child successful with the potty training experience. I would recommend Samantha to anyone who needs help with potty training their child successfully! You can't get a better teacher with consistent success! Thanks again!!" -Stephanie D., NY 

3-27-15  "​My three-and-a-half-year-old daughter just plain refused to use the toilet. She just hated it! After a few hours [with Samantha] she was able to pee on her own. Samantha examines the child's behavior quickly. Then, she plans the training accordingly. I am very impressed and happy with the whole process. I wish I found NYC potty training sooner. My life is sooo much easier now. My daughter has been accident free since I met Samantha. Just follow Samantha's rules and you will be successful." -Mom, Hawthorne, NJ

2-8-15 "Samantha is amazing. My child was so stubborn and would not make #2! Samantha made it happen in 3 days! Samantha is so patient and helpful and she's a godsend. Samantha is #1!!!!" ​-Sari H., NY

2-2-15 "Went to Samantha's potty training seminar this past weekend and was totally inspired!! Love how she makes potty training seem so practical. We really let ourselves get all worked up into thinking it's impossible and our child isn't ready, but it's usually not the case. She really made me feel empowered to help my 25 month old figure this whole potty thing out! We went all-in as she suggested and are now 24 hours without diapers and no major accidents. If you have the $$ to hire her, she's totally worth it! If you don't, well, definitely try to attend her next seminar!!" -Heather T., Brooklyn, New York

1-2-15 "I am so grateful to Samantha for helping me get my 3 1/2 year old daughter potty trained. I had tried 3 separate times unsuccessfully and after the last time couldn't even get her near the potty. The first day Samantha came my daughter was peeing and pooping on the potty. It was truly amazing and something I could not have imagined happening in such a short period of time. She has so much patience and a very kind manner. I am so happy my daughter will be returning to school diaper free!" -Dawn C., New York

1-25-14 "I called Samantha because I heard she can get it done and she did! Highly recommend Samantha's services to anyone who wants to make things easier!" - UES Mom

12-03-14 "We used the coaching option for a major regression and I highly recommend this. Since my son already knew how to go potty it was about overcoming the power struggle and we would not have made it past the first morning without the coaching. She [Samantha Allen] offered lots of helpful tips. Potty at home isn't a power struggle and he is back to going on his own." -Lisa S., London, England

11-2-14 "Samantha made potty training such a positive experience. Our daughter was trained in less than a day and she left us with detailed instructions on how to maintain it. With her support, I was able to be fully involved in the process but still tend to my baby and house and even take a break to walk my dog and get coffee. Samantha was able to read my daughter's subtle signs and teach us what to look for. There were definitely moments where I might have caved, but Samantha was able to handle challenging moments with ease and turn them positive. My daughter loved her! Thank you so much!" -Rachel S., New York

11-18-14 "Not just potty training! Samantha is amazing! I contacted her when my son was having some issues adjusting to pre-school. Samantha went to school and quickly addressed a number of issues including separation and peer engagement issues. She came to our home and gave everyone terrific tools to manage the school adjustment. She also potty trained him the first day she came! I didn't realize the impact of needing to be potty trained on his having school success. Samantha provides excellent support, both on the phone and by email which is so convenient. I recommend Samantha without reservation! -Bonnie W., New York, NY

10-20-14 "Life-changing. Amazing. Our daughter is fully potty trained and she no longer has meltdowns thanks to the tips Samantha gave us and our nanny."​- UWS Mom, NY 

​8-15-14 "We are so incredibly grateful for the amazing work that Samantha provided to our almost 3 year old son. Samantha was able to fully train him in under two days. He has not had an accident since she left. What is so amazing about Samantha is that she really personalizes this process to each child and their needs. It's not cookie-cutter. What works for one child might not work for the next. She looked for and found cues that I would've never known to look for. I highly recommend Samantha. She is so patient, so kind and awesome at what she does."-Marisa R., New York, NY

8-24-14 "You are awesome Samantha! Helen and I thank you so much for all your help!-George L., New York

9-24-14 "Samantha was so helpful in a very clutch situation. Her method worked in one day despite some obstacles to overcome! Our little girl is 6 days diaper free and we're all in a much better place than we were when I called her last Thursday in a complete panic. Thank you and good luck!!" -Aimee B., New York

7-25-14 "Samantha provides a great service that parents will appreciate. Our daughter was a very difficult nut to crack and she provided the necessary coaching and support to get the job done!!" -Brad D., Rockville Center, NY

July 2014 "She [Samantha] was a godsend. I know it's a luxury many can't afford but it was worth it. I didn't think it could be done, and she did it." -Georgina M., NY, NY

9-1-14 "Samantha is amazing! After 2 years of trying, my son was independently asking to go potty after just 90 minutes with Samantha! And [the next morning] my little boy woke up (nearly 12 hours after going to bed) dry as a bone and happy as a clam! Thank you Samantha!-Abigail B., NYC

​​9-5-14 "NYC Potty Training is amazing! Samantha's assistance and advice have gotten us closer to fully training our special-needs son than we have been yet. We are very grateful for this wonderful service." -Rebecca N., NY

6-30-14 "Like all kids my son was scared of potty training until Sam with all her support and patience she got him to do it....We love how Sam worked with our Anthony. She was by far the best Therapist/teacher we ever had." -AnnMarie D., New York, NY

7-20-14 "Thank you so much Samantha Allen and NYC Potty Training, Inc. for your amazing help with my son! He was potty trained in one day and have had continued success!-Molly Goldberg, NY

7-12-14 "Thank you Samantha for consulting with me on how to get my son to poop in the potty. You were a huge help! Your advice was so helpful!!!" ​-Jamie S., Roslyn Heights, NY 

6-23-14 "I consulted with Samantha about my son who was having a lot of anxiety about using the toilet. After asking questions about our situation, she gave me numerous suggestions that were easy to implement and set a more positive tone to our potty training. Talking with her was definitely helpful, especially after feeling so discouraged going at it alone without much progress.-Shira R., Livingston, NJ