"Samantha provides a great service that parents will appreciate. Our daughter was a very difficult nut to crack and she provided the necessary coaching and support to get the job done!!" -Brad D., Rockville Center, NY

Do you provide services outside of NYC?

Absolutely! We have traveled all over the country, as well as to London, Dubai, and Canada, to provide in-home potty training sessions, and we are open to traveling anywhere. We have also helped families all over the world potty train their children in 1-2 days through our Phone Consultation service. 

At what age should potty training begin?
Rather than using chronological age to determine when to begin, we look at level of related developmental skills and signs of toileting readiness. If it's determined that a child is not ready for toilet training we can advise you on readiness signs to look for and suggest ways you can help your child develop the skills needed for potty training. 

How long does potty training take?

Every child is different so there are no guarantees. We suggest planning for the training to take up to 3 days for each child, but we are proud to share that all of our little friends have been successful- not wearing diapers and staying dry all day- after 2 days (or less!). A third day of continued practice may be advised to reinforce what was learned and we provide a customized plan for maintenance of the potty training success. Following our potty training suggestions is key in getting your little one trained in a couple of days.

What is NYC Potty Training's process?

What makes our method so successful is that we individualize the experience for each child. The one commonality across all potty training sessions is that all techniques are based on positive behavioral support strategies.

Why use a potty training service?

Using a potty training service enables you to devote the recommended 1-3 days to toilet training your child while still being able to go to work, take care of personal business, attend to the child's siblings, prepare dinner, or just enjoy some time for yourself. Additionally, 

  • We enable parents to be present and involved in the potty training while removing the stress and guesswork from the process.
  • We teach parenting tools that are helpful in all situations, not just potty training, such as strategies for decreasing challenging behaviors and avoiding power struggles.
  • There is so much differing information on toilet training out there that it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed about the process, which can affect your child's comfort level and success. We have done the research and have seen first-hand what works so we can help you figure out the best approach for your child and help it go as seamlessly as possible for everyone.

My child gets upset when I try to get him/her to take a break from playing to go to the bathroom. How can NYC Potty Training services help?
We advise on proactive strategies and techniques that help avoid behavioral issues, identify the function of any challenging behavior that may occur, and maximize the effectiveness of positive reinforcement.

What if I work outside the home or have other children who also need my attention during the day?
While we do require 1 adult over the age of 18 be in the home with the NYC Potty Training specialist, one of the greatest benefits of using our service is that it frees caregivers to go to work, take care of personal business, and be available for other family members while still devoting the full day to the toilet training process.

Do you potty train children with special needs?
NYC Potty Training specializes in working with children with special needs.  We also recommend checking out our other services at www.TheBloomingChild.com

Are you hiring?​

YES! We are currently looking for people around the country to join our growing NYC Potty Training family. We look forward to hearing from you if you're interested in getting involved!


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