IN THE HOME *We travel everywhere but additional fees may apply outside Manhattan. 

One Day (9 hours)

Kids who are under 27 months who have no prior exposure to potty training may only need 1 day. 

Two Days  (14 hours) 

Typically recommended when potty training has already been introduced and/or kids are 27+ months old.

Two Days (16 hours) 

Typically recommended for children over 3.5  years or who only need support with bowel training.​​​​​​​​​​​​


​​Behavior Consultation

We observe your Child at school and/or home to identify triggers and functions of challenging behavior and evaluate the support needed. We will suggest & model strategies for decreasing challenging behaviors and helping your Child have a more positive experience following the daily routine.           

Coaching & SEIT Support 

Available as an add-on service following a Behavior Consultation.​

Behavioral Program

6 days (11-12 hours per day) of continuous parent coaching, nanny training, and behavioral support. Potty training included by request.

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