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​Have NYC Potty Training founder, Samantha Allen, discuss methods and strategies for potty training seamlessly in 1-2 days at your organization. Samantha is also available to speak at private events.​​ Contact us for rates.

IN THE HOME *We travel everywhere but additional fees may apply outside Manhattan. 

One Day (7-9 hours)

Many kids can master toilet training in one day with our support if this is their first exposure to potty training, especially if they are under 30 months of age.

Two Days(14 hours) $3000

When potty training has already been introduced, mastery can take up to two days.​ For children who are older than 4 or who only need support with bowel training, we may recommend an extended two day session; please contact us for rates and details.​​​​​​​​​

*There are no refunds. $150 per day rescheduling fee.

**The prices listed here are our discounted rates for paying by Chase QuickPay. 

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​​Behavior Consultation

We observe your Child at school and/or home to identify triggers and functions of challenging behavior and evaluate the support needed. We will suggest & model strategies for decreasing challenging behaviors and helping your Child have a more positive experience following the daily routine.           

Coaching & SEIT Support 

Available as an add-on service following a Behavior Consultation.​

Behavioral Program

6 days (11-12 hours per day) of continuous parent coaching, nanny training, and behavioral support. Potty training included by request.

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Materials Store: (optional for in-home sessions)

The materials include items for optimizing success and enhancing engagement, relaxation, learning, and fun during potty training. The Materials Package also includes the recommended toilet training seat, book, and additional activity items to enhance the day for your child in a canvas tote bag. 

Materials Bag $90

Materials Package $250

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OVER THE PHONE  *Limited availability through September*        

Potty Training Consult Plus Support 

We provide a complete, customized 1-2 day potty training plan for your Child and strategies for avoiding challenges through the process (up to a 60 minute phone call). We also provide support during implementation of the suggested plan to modify the steps as progress is made and to answer questions that may come up. This support begins within 5 days of the phone consult.

Phone session up to 3 messages per day: $600​​


​​Poop in the Potty Consult Plus Support

If your child is fully potty trained to void their bladder on the toilet but is withholding stool, having stool accidents, and/or refusing to eliminate on the  toilet, we customize a 2 day plan for you to help your child resolve this issue (up to a 60 minute phone call). We also provide support during implementation of the suggested plan to discuss your child's progress and answer questions that may have come up; this support begins within 5 days of the phone consult.

Phone session plus up to 3 messages per day: $600 ​

Nighttime Wetting Consult

Included in all other potty training plan packages. If your child is fully trained during the day but not staying dry at night, we can help! Get a customized plan to help your child stay dry through the night. We also provide support during implementation of the suggested plan (up to 3 text messages to begin within 5 days of the phone consult). ​

Readiness Consult

Included in all other packages. Advice on determining your child's readiness, preparing your child, and product recommendations (up to 30 minutes). This service does not include advice on potty training procedures.