Payment may be made through Chase Quick Pay or check for in-home potty training services.

5. One Day (9 hours)  $2000                                                                                       

6. Two Days (14 hours across 2 days)  $3000 

​7. Two Days (16 hours across 2 days)  $3200 

8. Three Days (up to 23 hours across 3 days) $4550

9. Extended Day (11-12 hours) $2600

10. Half Day (5 hours each)

*Add on to another type of service​

11. Potty Training by the hour  $175

 *Add on service  

*There are no refunds but if your child gets sick, your appointment can be rescheduled for the next date that we are available for a $150 per day rescheduling fee.

*The prices listed above are the discounted rates for paying by check or Chase Quick Pay. PayPal payments are also accepted.



Travel Fee

Roundtrip from LGA

Roundtrip from JFK

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12. Behavior Consultation                     

13. Coaching

​14. 3 Day Behavioral Program

15. 6 Day Behavioral Program ​​

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Payment can be made on Chase Quick Pay or below (there is a 3% processing fee for payments made through the site).


1. Potty Training Plus Continued Support  $600


2. Poop in the Potty Consult Plus Continued Support  $600

3. Coaching $150

4. Nighttime Wetting Consult  $600

5. Readiness Assessment & Preparation Consult  $200